BJP left state coffers empty, and now creating hullabaloo: Vikramaditya Singh

Vikram aditya singh -
Vikram aditya singh -

BJP left state coffers empty, and now creating hullabaloo: Vikramaditya Singh – Shimla March 5

It is the BJP which left the state coffers empty, and now the BJP was creating hullabaloo to hide their lavish spending during their tenure and is also resorting to blame games to hide their follies. This was stated by PWD Minister, Vikramaditya Singh, while reacting to the statement of former Minister, Suresh Bhardwaj, which compared the Congress government led by Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu with Pakistan’s premier, Shehbaz Khan’s regime, saying that Himachal and Pakistan were on the brink of the financial crisis.

He said that of late, the former Chief Minister, Jai Ram Thakur had condemned the statement of Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu when the latter blamed the BJP for having created such circumstances as were in Srilanka, and now Jai Ram Thakur himself is seen addressing the media and blaming the Congress government for creating Srilanka like the situation of bankruptcy, creating fear amongst the people of the State just to remain in limelight.
The Minister said that the BJP knew very well that they had emptied the State coffers before being removed from power by the people and thereafter to fleece the people of the State, they had announced over 900 institutions without budgetary provisions with an eye on polls.
Asking him to mend his way of uttering baseless things, Singh said that Bhardwaj was a senior Minister in BJP Cabinet and such an immature statement reflected his narrow bent of mind towards the State and his shortsighted vision.
Singh blamed the BJP for appointing co-ordinators, and advisors and paying them hefty amounts, who used to advise the Government. He advised the BJP coterie to come out of the grief of their exit from power.
“I want to tell Sh. Bhardwaj, the BJP always took U-turn after making announcements and used to revert their own decisions, which clearly signifies that the BJP always lacked decisiveness” he stated. Adding that the Congress believes in decision making and will considerately review the opening of those institutions which were likely viable from a socio-economic perspective.


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