British-American novelist Salman Rushdie’ Bungalow in controversy again

Solan, Nov 24
Shimla, Indian-born British-American novelist Salman Rushdie’s Solan located Bunglow is in the thick of controversy as caretakers of this ancestral property are face to face with each other regarding possession.
It is worthwhile to mention here that auther of world famous fiction lile Midnight Children and Satanic Versus won legal battle about 23 yrs ago to take possession of Anees Villa’ which is on the forest road in Solan city, but Rushdie could not return here since 20 years.
Solan’s Additional SP Ajay Kumar Rana said that a case has been registered on the complaint of some people vandalizing Anees Villa in Sadar police station. The matter is under investigation . Property was looked after by caretaker Govind Ram and Rajesh Tripathi who are face to face regarding the possession of this bungalow.
The matter has reached the court. Rajesh Tripathi has lodged a case of sabotage against the caretaker of the bungalow, Govind. Tripathi claims that he takes care of this bungalow. On the other hand, the caretaker Govind Ram claims that he has been taking care of the property for 25 years. Salman Rushdie and his friend Vijay Shankar had given him the responsibility of taking care of the property.
On behalf of Govind Ram, his lawyer says that the matter is in the court and the court has given a stay order in it.
Property caretaker Govind claims that 25 years ago, Salman Rushdie and his friend Vijayshankar had talked about giving him salary and other expenses in return for taking care of the property. Everything went well till the year 2012, but after that salary started coming occasionally. After year 2018, the salary did not come even once. Now Rajesh Tripathi wants to get him out of here. Govind said that he would hand over this property only to its real owner, Salman Rushdie. Govind’s lawyer Vikrant Chauhan said that on October 8 itself some people came here and started throwing out Govind’s belongings. A petition was filed in the court on this, on which the court gave a stay. Rajesh Tripathi is not obeying this order, so he will file a case for disobeying the court order, added the lawer.
Govind Ram has made illegal entry, Rajesh Tripathi, on the other hand, claims that Salman takes care of Rushdie’s property. On November 23, 2022, he was present in this bungalow with Ravi Shankar Das and her son Aniruddha Shankar Das, they claim.
Anirudh Shankardas is a family friend of Salman Rushdie. At the same time Govind Ram, his son and others entered the property illegally, alleges Tripathi. These people broke the locks of two doors, the door frame and the glass with a hammer. According to Rajesh Tripathi, when an attempt was made to stop Govind Ram and his companions, they shouted threatening abuses and threatened to kill them.
History of Bunglow
Anees Villa was built in the year 1927 which was later bought by Rushdie’s grandfather. Due to the documentation of this bungalow being in the name of Anees Ahmed, the government declared this property benami from the year 1953 till 1969 stating that its owner had gone to Pakistan.
After this, this building was sometimes occupied by Himachal Pradesh Education Department and sometimes by government officials. The bungalow was acquired after a legal battle in the year 1992, when Salman Rushdie claimed this building as his property. Afterwards, Rushdie acquired the Anees Villa built in 2,934 sqm in the year 1997 after a legal battle that lasted almost 5 years. Today this building may be in dilapidated condition, but holds value in crores.


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