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Shimla, Aug 25

Former Chairman state unit of Institute of Chartered Accountant  Of IndiaYogesh Verma and senior CA Rajesh Sexsena stressed the need to appoint an Independent Auditor for legal scrutiny of social welfare schemes and project by the Union Government in their press statement issued here today.

The Forum said that to curtail existing practice of appointment of Auditors by the management of concerned department to audit the Social Welfare Scheme of Government is increasing the corruption in the state agencies and in order to strengthen the audit system to check or control the scams in the Government run schemes agencies such measures need to be taken into consideration,

Exposing major loopholes in the prevailing audit system, Verma said that concerned departments, authority, University, Schools and Colleges could appoint auditors of their own choice to procure the auditor certificates of government spending, is breeding corruption.

Giving a simile of the present order, Forum argued that it is like giving power of appointment of invigilators or examiner to person to be examined.  They also seek to offer this power of appointment of auditor to CAG or Instituted of Chartered Accountant of India.

Verma claimed that the reform would not only improve the efficiency or effectiveness of the state funds moreover it would help to confine the black horses to their bolt.

Verma and Sexsena also suggested the Union Government should contemplate about to constitute an Independent Authority for regulating and short listing of appointment of auditors. They showed concern that if present system is allowed to continue the collusion or nexus between Management of State project and department with Auditors could not be ruled out.

The free and fair audit would be a distant dream until existing power of state department or authority continued to be rest with the latte, they added.


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