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Late filing of income tax returns (2014-2018 return filed during election period) by Mandi parliamentary constituency candidate RamSwaroop Sharma is boiling as a big election issue today. The stakes in this matter are so high, that if BJP loses this battle could lose candidature here. Moreover on the other hand opposition Congress would leave no table unturned to win this one. Evident it is as Congress here today has announced, that it would take up the matter with Election Commission in the first phase. A party spokesperson informs that in the first phase they would take up matter with the EC and then if required other course of action would be decided. The Congress has termed the justification of Ramswaroop given to IT department for filing late return, as his irresponsible behavior. In an informal talk with media persons the Congress state party president said, that it was an illegal act. Furthermore the Congress party also expressed astonishment over the income tax department allowing him to file late return during election period (Code of Conduct).

Though financial experts feel that filing late return is no crime, even during election period, but definitely exemplified irresponsible behavior. “A sitting Member of Parliament, is entitled for a six figure salary and perks, which must be coming into the bank account after deduction of TDS. Therefore, it was even more pertinent for any such citizen to file their return on yearly basis,” stated a Chartered Accountant. In fact this CA wonders how the Income tax department allowed them to file midyear return, only in a period of 3 days. “As per the process u/s 147 IT act it could take months for a common man to complete,” he claimed.

“The person whom the work for filing returns was given, somehow did not file it,” states BJP MP Candidate RamSwaroop Sharma. “However now those have been filed and the process is completed,” he summons. Mandi parliamentary constituency is a prestige battle for BJP. Sitting Chief Minister JaiRam Thakur on one side versus senior politician Sukhram on the other, any wrong move could cost BJP the seat.


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