Advantage Suresh Chandel for Congress@ Hamirpur

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After former Member of Parliament from BJP Suresh Chandel joining Congress party yesterday, chances of the Congress party victory on Hamirpur parliamentary seat could have increased manifold, state top party sources. The bigger advantage this party gets now is in Bilaspur district of the parliamentary constituency. With the MP candidate Ram Lal Thakur and Chandel both from this region, chances are they might attract higher vote share than BJP. Moreover the duo would also be able to almost nullify the impact of Union Minister JP Nadda, who too hails from this district.

Wherein till a few days behind Hamirpur seat was assumed as sure shot victory for BJP, but has now turned into a neck to neck battle. Either of the two could cross victory line here. Besides Congress cadre vote bank, now even Chandel supporters have got  added to the list. On the other hand BJP enjoys a stronghold on this seat since 1989.

Talking about political stints of Suresh Chandel; is the only incumbent to have won Hamirpur Constituency three times in a row since 1984. Anurag would be second to him , in case wins the 2019 polls. Afters Narain Chand Parasher (1984 polls) Chandel has achieved the second highest vote share. Where latter earned a vote share of 62.98% in 1984 polls Chandel managed vote share of 60.52% in 1999 elections.

Since 1989 Congress has never won this seat. Yet evidently their average vote share difference versus opposition has been around 11.20% (1984 till 2014).  Since 1984 to 2014 average votes polled to BJP have been 2 .86lac, Congress has got 2.56lac. Now with Chandel by their side, who enjoys a good amount of following in the entire constituency, tables could turn either side. The BJP has never managed more than 15% victory vote difference on this seat. Only Chandel won with a whopping 23.27% vote share difference in 1999. It was also the highest vote difference margin for any BJP candidate on this seat in all times.

Though the result is yet to be seen, experts feel and indicators reveal that Congress could gain some quarters with Chandel by their side.


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