Culling of monkeys a demonic act – Yogi Ashwani


May 3, 2020

In the recent past, the government has extended permission to kill monkeys. These monkeys harass people and destroy agricultural produce, is reasoned out by the policymakers. The above is a clear indicator of the rise of asuric vritti among humans that has limited their thinking to the self-destructing philosophy of i-me-myself. Their buddhi is polluted and they cannot think of the benefit of creation, according to Yogi Ashwani of Dhyan Yog foundation.

An animal needs food and shelter. Declaring monkey as vermin is anti-humanity as it is the land mafia that has usurped their forests by breaking every law possible and it is them who are instigating the policies to kill them so that their lands can be taken over. It is this mafia that is vermin, not the monkeys.

An animal that is happy if it gets its food and its children are safe cannot be killed because humans have taken over its habitats and food sources. World-over, the animals are protected. Forests are conserved and a reserved area is demarcated where these animals are provided for. If only they come out of that area are they ordered to be killed. Nowhere is such blatant killing of animals ratified. This is the asuric vritti at play.

Let us not forget, it was monkeys who helped Lord Ram in his battle against the asurs. Killing them would be equivalent to siding with the asurs and the fate would be similar to what was meted out to the asurs in tretayug. Killing animals unleashes great pain in the planet and breaks the ecological chain, the results would be disastrous karmically and on the area where this pain would be unleashed, they might retaliate by killing humans in revenge, this would unleash chaos and have a devastating effect on tourism and India image the world over, states the foundation.

There are two aspects to creation – the positive (sur) and negative (asur). The surs are responsible for the protection and preservation of creation, asurs engage in its destruction. So the ones who are feeding the poor, saving animals, protecting the environment would be termed as surs. And the one’s who kill animals, destroy forests, and abuse fellow beings would fall in the category of asurs. The surs and asurs can be found across religions, communities, geographies, and ages and the battle between them has ensued since time immemorial, says Yogi Ashwani of Dhyan Yog.

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