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As curfew is relaxed this morning in Shimla, mixed reactions are being witnessed. Wherein at some locations like Panchayat Bhawan, Lower Bazaar, Kaithu, etc citizens and shopkeepers are being seen ignoring social distancing discipline. At other places like Kasumpti discipline was strictly adhered. At around 10:30 AM while writing the report crowds are being seen at supplies stores. However many seem to be defying DC order and most common precaution of keeping 1.5 meter distance and not entering the shops. Even shopkeeper are seen under prepared for ensuring that DC orders are carried in strict discipline. Reports from Lower bazaar state that the market has gone out of stock due to heavy purchasing. 

Besides as per order the SHO concerned had to ensure this discipline but leaving apart main Shimla markets they are seen in minimum numbers in ward based markets.

In the photo taken at Kaithu market one clearly see that the shopkeeper have failed in keeping the customer out of shop.  Even reports from Panchayat Bhawan market at local bus stand, state a story of crowds ignoring social distancing. 

However in certain pockets like Kasumpti disciplined functioning was witnessed. A similar scene was witnessed in New Shimla, wherein people were seen standing in a line maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters each.


A scene of a Kaithu shop, wherein atleast 7-8people were witnessed inside at one time. Photo by HimachalScape
A photo from Tutikandi market, where smooth functioning is noted. Photo by Hemant Bali


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