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Excise department begins legal action against encroachers on Indian Technomac property, ahead of auction

Shimla, May 9

The State Excise and Taxation department is taking action against encroachers who are occupying a 125 bigha industrial plot belonging to Indian Technomac company before the auction of its assets. This task was entrusted by the Himachal Pradesh High Court as the firm is booked for a Rs 5000 crore scam, including borrowing from public sector banks and non-payment of dues to the Excise and Taxation department and electricity board.

GD Thakur, Joint Commissioner of the Taxation Department, was appointed by the High Court to oversee the auction of the premises. After inspecting the company’s premises, the CID and ED filed affidavits in the High Court indicating that the property belonging to the firm was illegally occupied by a number of encroachers. Consequently, the Excise and Taxation Department is taking legal action against the encroachers and has applied for the demarcation of land through the revenue department.

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Thakur stated that the encroachers have illegally occupied the developed plot of the company and that legal action will be taken to remove them before the auction. He further added that the remaining property of the company will go for auction on June 27, and the boundary wall of the 125 bigha industrial plot has been fixed with sewerage and foundation already in place.

It is worth noting that the Taxation Department is engaged in the auction process of the company’s premises to recover tax of Rs 21 crore from the Indian Technomac Company, as ordered by the High Court.


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