Shimla, July 19
The ruling BJP, which is trying to pedal the issue of anti-women sentiment among the emotional voters in Himachal Pradesh currently, seemed to be on receiving end as it couldn’t answer over their own Party MLA’s alleged atrocity on his wife and HAS Officer recently.
The BJP Mahila Morcha Chief Rashmi Dar Sood couldn’t criticise the atrocities by the party MLA from Kangra district when the media bombarded her with the BJP leader’s track record against fair sex.
Sood provoked the media person to ask hard questions on Monday when she commented on the media person involving them in a simile.
She defended party MLA Vishal Nehria over the recent alleged manhandling of his wife by stating that it is the family matter of the MLA and the issue is subjudice. Rashmi Dar Sood was in Press club Shimla for the second time to stress the subject of Vikramaditya Singh’s remarks against some BJP MLA candidates. Later, he expressed a public apology on a media platform. She was insisting on the public apology by MLA on Monday, stating that BJP would not tolerate anti-women sentiment.
BJP, which is rode to power in five states recently, is also trying to target Congress party leaders for their public statements. Recently Rashmi sood and four women MLAs of the party took Pratibha Singh of Congress head on when they condemned the Congress state head for terming the Gudiya case a minimal crime. However, BJP couldn’t blow the Gudiya case to much as the Jai Ram Thakur government could not defend itself over the present outcome barring the conviction of an accused in the matter. The family members of Gudiya were also unhappy over handling this case by the Jai Ram Thakur Government.
Party Leader in state assembly Mukesh Agnihotri also faced similar barbs from the BJP leaders over a reference in a Public meeting against CM for allegedly allowing the Misuse of helicopters for the alleged purpose of ferrying women friends (Sahailyon). But the saffron party seems to be making the statements of Congress leaders against women as an election weapon.
Now Congress seems to be treading courteously on the slippery paths and its leaders are quick to tender public appolgy to check damage control. It is not first time when woman are reffered girl friend in Public meeting. Even Prime Minister in 2014 Lok Sabha Mandi Election really, also commented similarly on Sunanda Pushkar former wife of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor by reffering her as “50 Crore Girl Friend.
” BJP which made the issue of Love Jihad and Crime against women in UP assembly elections also trying to harness from similar gameplan in Himachal Pradesh but the track records of Five years of Jai Ram Govt on the front is not good, feel, opposition minded citizens.
Mukesh Agnihotri also defended him on the issue that 1500 cases of heinous crime against women 8n Himachal in last five years speak volume over the sensitivity of Goverment to handle the issue.
On another query asked by media person about public outrageous spat by a BJP activists Sheetal Vyas Sharma making rounds in Social media, Rashmi Sood said that Vyas is not affiliated with the BJP Mahila Morcha and she didn’t know anything about the issue.
It is worthwhile to mention that after a Video clippings of this road rage, Congress MLA Vikramaditya Singh shared it on his Social media posts stating ” BJP Mahila Morcha’s Mohtarma was teaching us the lesson of morality, what advice will the women leaders of their party give to their colleagues. Our request to the BJP IT team, the amount of time and resources you spend in humiliating your political rivals, if even half the time is spent in showing the real situation of the state, and the correct picture is of the state’s gardeners, farmers, unemployed youth, harassed employees and other sections of the government.  If kept in front, there is no need to adopt such tactics. Even today, our humble request to you is that you are a responsible party of the country and if you want to fight the battle, then fight openly, do not do petty acts in this way, by shielding women through the IT department.
Supporting right and opposing wrong. Jai Shri Ram.” This excerpt of Hindi posts of Congress MLA (
In the mean time a lawyer of Sheetal Vayas Sharma slapped notice on Vikramditya Singh blaming him to share her Vedio clippings tarnishing her image.


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