Flood hits village in HP Spiti- Losar area following unpredictable snowfall in July

Shimla/ Kaza, July 15

In a concerning turn of events, the Spiti region, which recently witnessed a successful rescue operation of stranded individuals at Chandertal Lake, now faces another natural disaster. Reports have emerged of flood wreaking havoc in the village of Kholaksa, located in the Losar Panchayat area. The unexpected flooding was triggered by the rapid melting of approximately 3-4 feet of fresh snow and glaciers, leaving villagers in a state of panic.

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Thankfully, no casualties have been reported thus far, but numerous residents have been compelled to vacate their homes due to the surging waters. According to Lara Tsering, a local resident, the excessive water flow has forced many villagers to seek temporary shelter in neighbouring areas.

Providing insights into the cause of the flooding, Sonam, an engineer from the Public Works Department (PWD), explained that probably the, accelerated melting of recent snowfall and glaciers have contributed to the alarming rise in water levels. Additionally, this accelerated melting has further intensified the thawing of glaciers, leading to an increased volume of water.

Responding swiftly to the crisis, a team of administrators, led by ADC Lahaul & Spiti, assessed the situation on-site. As an initial measure to alleviate the crisis, villagers were instructed to evacuate their homes to avoid life-threatening situations. Simultaneously, efforts are underway to divert the water flow towards barren land. Unfortunately, this diversion was obstructed and is now being reopened.

It is worth noting that heavy snowfall was observed in the Spiti region on July 9 and 10, resulting in the entrapment of numerous tourists and locals. The situation only returned to normal after a successful evacuation operation. Surprisingly, it was shortly after this relief that the flooding incident occurred in the area.

In a related incident last month, residents of Lahaul had reported flooding in their farms caused by the melting of glacial moraines.

As the region grapples with the aftermath of the flashflood, authorities are working tirelessly to mitigate the crisis and ensure the safety of the affected villagers.


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