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Hamirpur police register FIR against In-Laws for inhuman treatment and public dishonour of Daughter-in-Law

Hamirpur/Shimla, Sept 15

In a distressing case of inhuman treatment and public dishonour, the Hamirpur police have swiftly responded by registering an FIR against the in-laws of the victim, following a complaint filed by the tormented daughter-in-law. Hamirpur SP Aakriti Sharma, speaking on the matter, stated that immediate action was taken after receiving information about the crime, with the victim’s statement recorded under section 154 of the Indian Penal Code.

According to the victim, the horrific incident unfolded on the 31st of August, and she provided authorities with the names of some of her relatives and villagers allegedly involved in the assault. The FIR has been registered, and the police are actively pursuing the arrest of the five individuals responsible for assaulting the woman and forcibly cutting her hair.

The incident took a gruesome turn when the daughter-in-law was publicly humiliated, with her hair cut and her face blackened before being paraded around the village. Shockingly, during this atrocity, bystanders did not intervene but instead opted to record videos of the heinous act on their mobile phones.

The incident occurred in the Bhoranj village of Hamirpur district, and a three-minute video depicting the woman’s ordeal went viral on social media platforms. Promptly responding to public outcry, the police have initiated legal proceedings against the five alleged culprits.

Disturbingly, during the ordeal, no villagers attempted to come to the woman’s aid. Instead, they stood by and documented the incident on their mobile phones. As news of the incident reached the police, it sparked a sense of urgency and concern.

The incident has come to light amid reports suggesting that family members were aggrieved by the woman’s multiple disappearances from home.


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