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Shimla, Jun 10
Himachal Pradesh Police informed today that police headquarters sealed on Tuesday
is likely to open tomorrow i.e June 11 at 1000 hrs as the samples of officials suspected to  be in contact with the deceased COVID-19 patient were tested negative.
Spokesman and Superintendent of Police Kushal Sharma said that including Director General of Police Sanjay Kundu reports of 28 police officials were tested negative while samples of one officer was taken again today.
He said that adhering protocol and advisories of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India, PHQ premises is being sanitized today using Sodium Hypochlorite and would be opened tomorrow at office time i.e 1000 hours. Adding that after most tested negative for the Corona Virus there is no need to quarantine the officials. He said that samples of police officials who were on the  reception duty were also found negative.
PHQ was suddenly sealed yesterday after an information was made public that a person  found COVID-19 positive on Jun 8 and died on Jun 9 visited the  PHQ  on June 1. The action was followed by the taking samples of all those in contact with patient and thereafter last evening a sigh of relief was taken after all samples tested negative for the Novel Corona Virus baring a sample which was advised to repeat today again.
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