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Evident in case of Kangra parliamentary constituency it has been noted that both the Schedule Tribe and the Other Backward Class voters (Who together hold the highest vote share of the region) have not remained permanently loyal to either BJP or the Congress and have always changed their stance while voting. Many of them reason it to the fact that both political parties have not given due representation to their communities in the National party fold.

BJP has no ST or OBC leader from this area in the National Executive. The same goes for Congress which has no member of the area OBC and ST category in the AICC. BJP has J.P Nadda on the Parliamentary Board, in Central Election Committee and as a National Executive Member who is a Brahmin. In the list of permanent Invitees have Jai Ram Thakur and P.K Dhumal those who belong to Rajput community and Shanta Kumar a Brahmin Leader from the State. On the other hand Congress has Asha Kumari In charge of Punjab and Chandigarh who is a Rajput, Rajesh Dharmani as Secretary who is Brahmin, Sudhir Sharma as Secretary who again belong to Brahmin community and Joint Secretary Gokul Butail. Both the communities feel that baring two or three leaders none of them made it to the top party organization level. They feel that even at the district level their representation is very less.

But on other hand one can find people of ST and OBC community at the booth level and ground level which gives a clear indication that these communities are being used only for votes and how hard they may work for the development of the party their representation would remain very less at the top level. But when asked about the current polls, wherein both communities have a candidate each in fray, these voters state that this became possible due to pressure tactics. On one hand the powerful ‘Gaddi’ community forced BJP to change candidature. Therefore going by the arithmetic of the votes other side Congress too was forced to back an OBC candidate. This is evident too by the fact that earlier BJP was backing Shanta’s claim and Congress was considering Sudhir Sharma. They said in case of BJP it is the first time in this century that a other than ‘Brahmin’ candidate has been fielded. Whereas for the Congress it is the third time, an OBC candidate would represent if wins. The BJP traditionally backed either Shanta Kumar or his former close aide Rajan Sushant till 2014. Whereas for Congress party Chander Kumar fought thrice from the constituency.

 In 2004 he defeated BJP stalwart Shanta Kumar but lost the next two polls to Rajan Sushant in 2009 and again to Shanta Kumar in 2014. These communities feel that if any political party starts giving due representation to them in National or state politics then they might become consistent voters.  With the changing scenario political parties should start thinking about inducting people of the community which has good population share rather than forcing leaders to them.


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