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Shimla, Oct 31
The tear-shedding campaign is an unending saga, being always used as a tool by a number of leaders of political parties. As the date for polling is nearing, leaders and aspirants have started using all possible strategies to impress the voter.
Recently, Union Minister Anurag Thakur broke out in a BJP canvassing rally at Sujanpur-Tehra in Hamirpur district. After this, former BJP MP Maheshwar Singh couldn’t hold his tears. BJP gave him a ticket from Kullu but later snatched it as he was dumped by the party, punishing him for his son’s decision to be in the fray from Banjar of Kullu district.
Another to join the list is Deputy Speaker Hansraj, who had to face public anger over his two social media clippings that went viral in the past few days. He, too, broke out in public. Hansraj is a teacher-turned-politician in the fray for the fourth term.
Recently chairperson of State Gramin bank and party candidate from Rohru Shashi Bala, Former Chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal and BJP leader Kripal Parmar also broke out in public.
Shashi Bala is the BJP leader condemned by the Himachal Pradesh High court twice for acting as extra-Constitutional authority to issue a Demi-office(DO) note to effect the transfer of employees. She has also tendered an apology for making mistakes in front of the Court.
Prem Kumar Dhumal, who succeeded in coming to power with an absolute majority in Himachal Pradesh in 2007 and successfully ran the BJP collation government from 1998 to 2003, was sidelined by the party in 2017. The reason was that even though he steered the ruling BJP to power with nearly a two-third majority, he lost himself. BJP then elected Jai Ram Thakur, Chief Minister, in place, and now in 2022, was denied a ticket. He also broke out in a public meeting at Sujanpur-Tehra as he could not hide emotions about the revolt done against him by Nadda, as the two are considered poltical adversaries.
Political commentators say that so many others may use tear shedding strategy in days to come, which also displays the level of political discourse going on in the hill state. They add that instead of paying attention to burning public issues, such sombre campaigns explained the disconnect between the rulers and the ruled. Adding, ” They must look back and review their five years tenure and be reminded about the teary-eyed public who was left unattended and uncared in COVID pandemic. When in hey days, they lived in glass houses, raining miseries on the people of Himachal Pradesh with many among populace losing their near and dears.” they opined.
These political commentators feel that the tears roll in polls’ strategy, perhaps has been given to the saffron leaders by PM Narinder Modi. He, too, is seen moistening his eyes and choking his throat many times while addressing public gatherings.
“It’s an old political tool to catch public sympathy and win votes, but the public now understands this tear-shedding campaign and might not be swayed by these political theatrics,” the commentator added.


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