Shimla, Dec 1

In order to meet the increasing parking requirement and ensure smooth flow of traffic on all major roads of the towns in Himachal Pradesh, the Himachal Pradesh Cabinet decided to make a provision for ‘open to sky parking’ in the Himachal Pradesh Town & Country Planning Rules, 2014.

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Under this provision for all buildings located on valley side or hill sides of the roads and having minimum clear setback of 2  meters within the plot, after controlled width / retaining wall and having clear access from the road, open to sky parking (uncovered and parallel to  the building) on 50% frontage of such setback shall be permissible, informed a State spokesperson.

In case of buildings on valley side, owners would be allowed to construct temporary steel frame structure / ramp on 50% frontage of such setback for open to sky parking.  He said that the temporary parking platform so proposed should see through / perforated / meshed (not solid sheet) in order to have sufficient gaps / spaces for light and ventilation and should not obstruct any disaster management efforts and smooth flow of traffic on the abutting road and should  be duly certified by a registered Structural Engineer.


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