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Shimla, Nov 17
Himachal Pradesh Police have lodged as many as
18577 cases of missing of people since 2010 upto Sep 30, 2021 out which police claimed to have traced around 17059 persons.
A press statement issued by state home department State Director General of Police Sanjay Kundu said that state police are yet to trace the remaining 1416 persons who are still missing in the crime record of state police.
The state police has achieved 91.83 percentage  success in tracing the missing people especially women and children, which is quite satisfactory.
He said that a couple of special drives were launched in the months of September and October, 2021 which recorded major breakthroughs
as a total 635 missing persons were traced out.
‘ After the remarkable achievement of these search campaigns, the H.P. Police decided to launch such search drives twice a year in the State under the supervision of the State CID.”  he said.
During the special drive 62 female child and 19 Male Child were traced including 368 adult female 186 Male adults.
According to state crime branch of CID, an analysis of the reason ofabout 635 missing persons was asserted. About 303 persons were  missing due to the love Affairs or Marriage purpose, 150 due to family stress, three due to immaturity, 56 due to mental illness, 13 went missing due to death, 41 miscommunication, two due to Financial Liabilities and and 67 due to other reasons.
It was also found that 224 were found at Paramour’s House,  70 at their relatives’ house, 20 in Friends’ House, 13 dead bodies were recovered from mortuaries and other places, 80 were working in factories or shops, 172 returned themselves and 56 at other places.


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