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Shimla, Jan 12

The political parley in the state is on peak in the 50 urban bodies where polls were held on Jan 10. Both the main parties are wooing party rebels and independent elected councilors to stake claim to be in power.
One could be call it violation of public mandate but it is an absolute truth that the ruling BJP and Opposition Congress are burning midnight oil to allure large number of party unofficial rebels who have been elected without the support of the parents party.
There are reports that Four independent councillors of Bhota Nagar Panchayat joined the BJP despite they defeating the official party supported candidates. One could not call it open horse trading since the elections were not held on the party symbols.
There are reports that Ruling party is staking claim that it managed to get majority in most of municipal Councils and Nagar Panchayat in indirect elections for the chairman and vice chairman.
The hypocrisy of  these elected candidates have no meaning in the present day political setup as the MLAs and MPs are openly being horse traded and joining ruling parties with greed of getting plum posts.
The councilors are small fry in this game and therefore the naked dance of this politics seems to be have no significance in this game.
Both the parties could not contain the rebel candidates however they are now being welcomed back, on the basis of mandate. Congress party which is able to manage some of the urban local bodies seemed to be equally indulged in the games and faction candidates having different loyalties of various camps are fighting against each other.
There are reports of spoil sport in Nadaun and Nagrota Bagwan urban local bodies to defeat party’s own candidates due to similar factionalism . BJP managed to win Nadaun and Nagrota ULBs poll as the party is ridden with factionalism. 
BJP official candidate also lost due to own rebels however both parties would compromise with the factionalism by accepting the fact and rebel candidates to its folds on the conditions of their winnablity.
One could call it murder of democarcy but the political power, money and bullyness is the rule of the game. 
The game is not over as state is soon going to repeat similar parley in the rural local bodies poll in Zila Parishad and Panchayat Samiti where the power game is also in hand of rebel candidates and political parties have no rules to deny them entry in the power showing disregard to public mandate.


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