Stranded Himachal youths rescued from Kedarnath after bridge collapse

Shimla, July 20

Three youths from Himachal Pradesh, who were stranded at Kedarnath after a bridge connecting Kedarnath Dham collapsed due to heavy rain, have been successfully rescued. Hiralal Raghuvanshi, the father of one of the missing youths, Lucky Raghuvanshi, from Chanavag Gram Panchayat, received a call from his son this morning, informing him that they managed to cross over the collapsed bridge after the water level receded. Fortunately, one of the missing youths was also found, and the three of them safely crossed the inflated rivulet and reached Dehradun, the capital town of Uttarakhand.

Hiralal Raghuvanshi sought assistance from the state authorities during the ordeal, and they were able to rescue the stranded youths. Among the safely rescued pilgrims who were stranded at the collapsed bridge were Lucky Raghuvanshi, belonging to Chanavag Panchayat of Sunni, Shalaghat of Dhami in Shimla district, and another person from Arki in Solan district.

The three youths had left for Kedarnath on 16th July and got stuck while coming back from the pilgrimage due to the bridge collapse. Around 25 pilgrims were also stranded with them. They had to return to a tent about 4 kilometers away, where they found no arrangements for shelter or food. One of the youths went to a search and rescue camp, but he was later found by his companions. Left with no choice, they decided to stay at the Kedarnath temple, which was about five kilometers above the camp. They endured the night without any food but were eventually able to make their way down safely this morning as the water level receded.

The timely response from the state authorities and their perseverance during this difficult situation played a crucial role in ensuring the safe rescue of the stranded youths


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