Tragic Incident in Rajhana, Shimla: Young Girl Killed, Elderly Woman Buried Under Debris as Rescue Operation Continues

Shimla, July 9

The relentless downpour in the capital city of Shimla has led to a series of disastrous events, including landslides and falling trees. In the latest incident, which occurred in Rajhana village near New Shimla, a massive amount of debris and trees came crashing down on a residential building from a nearby hill. Tragically, a young girl lost her life after being buried under the rubble, while an elderly woman remains trapped beneath the wreckage.

Local residents immediately sprung into action, desperately attempting to rescue those trapped under the debris. Despite their valiant efforts, they were only able to retrieve the lifeless body of the young girl, who was rushed to the Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC) but could not be saved. Meanwhile, the elderly woman remains unaccounted for, still buried beneath the immense pile of rubble. The sheer volume of debris and trees that inundated the house is staggering, with the entire interior now filled with wreckage. Additionally, vehicles parked nearby have been completely submerged under the rubble.

Upon receiving the distressing news, the local authorities and police swiftly mobilized a rescue operation. Rescue teams, equipped with specialized equipment and trained personnel, have arrived at the scene and initiated efforts to locate and extricate the trapped elderly woman. The situation remains tense, as the rescue operation continues unabated.

The incident has been promptly reported to both the police and administrative officials, who are working in tandem to coordinate the rescue operation and provide necessary support to the affected individuals. The police administration is collaborating closely with local volunteers and experts to ensure that all possible resources are utilized in the rescue efforts.
As per IMD since 8:30 AM in the morning to 5:30Pm in evening Shimla has received around 55mm rain.

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The heavy rains have caused widespread devastation in Shimla, prompting heightened caution and increased vigilance across the city. Authorities have advised residents to remain indoors and avoid venturing into vulnerable areas until the weather conditions improve and the aftermath of the rainfall is fully assessed.
Even government and private schools of the district have been ordered to remain closed for July 10& 12.
As the rescue operation persists, hopes remain that the elderly woman will be located and safely extricated from the debris. The community stands united in solidarity, offering their prayers and support to the affected families during this challenging


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