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Giri River record high turbidity crisis threatens Shimla’s water supply

Shimla, July 9

As rain continues to wreck havoc in Himachal Pradesh, the silt levels in the Giri river have gone up alarmingly. As per data shared by officials that Raw water turbidity in Giri is 16700 n.t.u as of this evening.
A expert in the matter informed that they recognise up to 5000 ntu turbidity in previous years. So going by the previous data  it has been observed highest in this season.
Sahil Sharma of SJPNL has termed this turbudity as alarmingly high. This level of turbidity is bound the effect the water supply of Shimla in the next few days.

Notably this morning only 6.34 Mld water was lifted for the capital which was about 40Mld lesser than the usual lifting days.

Water is said to be turbid when particles suspended in it restrict the transmission of light and give a cloudy or muddy appearance. Only small particles can remain suspended for significant periods of time. Relatively large and dense particles such as sand grains will sink rapidly. (internet information).

In simpler terms it means increase in the level of silt which can effect functioning of water lifting of a area.
Meanwhile reports suggest that silt levels are bound to increase in all water schemes in all rivers of the State. Moreover these flash floods and increasing silt levels likely to affect state power projects in the next 24 hrs as flood gates of most of dams were opened after heavy rainfall in the state.
Water of Satluj river also flooded the 100 yrs old Chaba power project buit by Britishers in 1924. Similarly SJVNL and Chamera, Bhakra and others power project are opened or opening flood gates to desilt the dams due to jumping of silt level above permissible limit. Silt level of Largi and Suni dams are also increased.
Special advisories has been issued by the district administration before releasing water. Due to opening of flood gates of Pandoh dam in Mandi district stranded many people. Reports arriving here said that nine people who are standarded in the Beas river were evucated by team of NDRF from Kullu district.



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