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Shimla, Nov 25
Amid spike in COVID-19 for the past one week, the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Government of India has asked the states and Union Territories to allow reopening of Medical Colleges on or before December 1 next.
Rajesh Bhushan, the Secretary of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of GoI on Wednesday in a letter written to the Chief Secretaries of the states and Administrators of the Union Territories has sent the communication regarding this.
In a letter sent to the states and Union  Territories, the Secretary, MoH&FW, GoI has stated, “This is regarding the re-opening of Medical Colleges in the States and UTs. In this context,  I would like to bring to your notice the advice of the National Medical Commission (NMC) tendered vide their letter on November 12, that has suggested that in the best interest of medical education, and from the point of view of standardisation, it is desirable that the medical colleges open at the same time across the country.
After considering all the relevant factors, the NMC has recommended that the colleges may re-open on or before December 1 next. The NMC has also given a suggestive schedule of training for different classes. Further, the NMC has advised that sufficient number of non-COVID beds may be made available in medical college hospitals to facilitate undergraduate medical training. The Ministry has also obtained concurrence from the Ministry of Home Affairs for re-opening of Medical Colleges in the States and UTs.”
“Accordingly, the States/UTs may take necessary steps to open the medical colleges on or before December 1. Needless to say, all the SOPs/guidelines with respect to social distancing and prevention of spread of epidemic issued by Central/State/UT Governments will be followed scrupulously by all the colleges.”


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