Whispers in the HP BJP about Bindal’s struggle

OmPrakash/ Shimla, July 8,

The Himachal Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is grappling with internal divisions akin to its rival Congress party, as the formation of the state executive committee continues to be mired in delays. Rajeev Bindal, a prominent BJP leader with ties to the RSS and a faction of the party’s high command, assumed the role of state BJP president in late April but has struggled to establish the executive committee even after a month and a half.

The protracted delay raises significant concerns, particularly since the BJP’s national president, Jagat Prakash Nadda, hails from Himachal Pradesh. The conspicuous absence of a state executive committee for over two months suggests a fierce power struggle within the party regarding Bindal’s proposed plans for the state BJP. While Bindal even managed to secure the position of state BJP president during Jairam Thakur’s tenure, his plans were foiled when a close associate’s involvement in a health scandal surfaced, leading to his resignation.

Despite an impeccable electoral track record from 2000 to 2022, where Bindal emerged victorious in multiple assembly constituencies, his fortunes took a downturn during the 2022 assembly elections due to internal dissent within the Jairam Thakur-led BJP government. The party insiders acknowledge that internal strife played a significant role in their electoral setback. So now, perhaps in an effort to resurrect his political standing after the defeat, Bindal orchestrated the removal of Suresh Kashyap, a Dalit leader and MP from Sirmaur who was closely associated with former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, from the position of BJP President, securing the post for himself.

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As, hopes were high that Bindal’s leadership would yield positive results in the Shimla Municipal Corporation elections. However, the BJP failed to secure victory, underscoring the fact that while Bindal holds the title of state BJP president, ultimate decision-making power lies elsewhere. The prolonged inability to form the executive committee serves as a testament to this situation, fueling speculation that Bindal’s adversaries within the party are impeding his progress and preventing him from steering the state BJP in his desired direction.

According to party regulations, the appointment of all office bearers, including the BJP president and others, should be determined through elections. However, in this instance, the process was circumvented, and nominations are expected to be made for the executive committee, subject to approval by the party’s high command. Consequently, Bindal finds himself with limited authority, as the high command tightly controls the party, leaving little room room for influential state leaders.

Given the circumstances, it would come as no surprise if Bindal’s tenure as state BJP president proves short-lived, further cementing his role as a mere figurehead within the party. Moreover, Bindal has also adopted a cautious political strategy, distancing himself from internal conflicts and instead opting to follow the high command’s directives. However, here it is pertinent to mention that the extent to which the high command comprehends the ground realities of Himachal Pradesh’s political landscape had become apparent in recent assembly elections.

The protracted delay in forming the executive committee exposes the ongoing turmoil within the Himachal Pradesh BJP, potentially posing challenges to the party’s future in the state. As the high command maintains a firm grip on the reins, only time will reveal the fate of Bindal’s leadership and the trajectory of the BJP in Himachal Pradesh.

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