Shimla, Feb 14
The Fifth Generation, (5G) services were launched in State today. H.P Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu presided the ceremony.
He said that upgradation of the Services would transform the telecommunication, statetwide. Expansion of 5G services would further strengthen the digital infrastructure in all over state, which would usher in a plethora of opportunities and enriched experiences for every individual especially students, businessmen and professionals, said the Chief Minister.
“It has been a complete transformation in the telecom sector, as we began from Landline during the time of late Sukh Ram ji, the then Union telecom Minister, thereafter to 2 G, and so on,” said the Chief Minister.
5G technology has an important role to play in the flagship projects of the state government i.e. tourism, healthcare, horticulture, agriculture, education, etc. said Sh. Sukhu further adding that a complete revolution has been witnessed in telecom arena which will help immensely in Health sector.
The latest 5G connectivity will prove a boon in research and reference for the doctors. The Government mulls to give a lift to the health services in the State health and to introduce world-class technology in health institutions and all six medical colleges.
Similarly, the government is committed to bring radical changes in education sector as well and latest courses like Robotics, Block Chain Technology, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be introduced in technical educational institutions from the next academic session, so that the youth can get better employment opportunities in these sectors. For the purpose, the State Government has sanctioned an amount of Rs.20 crore, he added. It was during the pandemic that the internet services increased the experience of the students from offline to online and increased their imagination and learning process. The online education has become an integral part as of now, he added.
The Chief Minister asked the company to strengthen the 5G infrastructure to district headquarters level so that people do not face inconvenience in their day to day life.
5 G Service would now be available to the customers in Shimla, Hamirpur, Bilaspur and Nadaun, in first phase and rest of the cities will be connected through 5G services by the end of this year.


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