Cost of your Heath Today!

Photo used for indicative purpose only. Source: Internet

Shimla, Oct. 15

“Heath is wealth” is a common saying and to maintain it a well balanced diet is always suggested. Himachal Scape has resolved this issue and made it easy for one to know what to look for in vegetable market each day with daily price updates; especially in the current times when prices of vegetables are shooting sky high, let’s examine what will our health cost today in Shimla.

Prices of basic essential vegetables per kg is

Potatoes between Rs. 40 to 50, Onions Rs 52 to 62, Tomatoes Rs. 40 to 52, Green Ginger Rs 62 to 87, Ginger Rs 99 – 112 and Garlic Rs 124 – 186.

Whereas other vegetables prices are Cauliflower Rs. 35 to 53, Capsicum Rs. 60 to 90, Bottle gourd Rs. 22 to 35 and French bean Rs. 60 to 65.



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