HP Govt dispels fake rumors about CM

Shimla, Aug 29,

The Himachal Pradesh Information and Public Relations Department has issued a strong cautionary note to the general public, urging them to refrain from spreading baseless rumors regarding the stability of the Congress government in the state and the health of Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu. The Department has taken action in response to the dissemination of misleading information by the Himalayan News in Hindi, which has been circulating two separate pieces of fake news.

The first fabricated news boldly claimed that Himachal Pradesh was on the verge of witnessing a change in leadership with the appointment of a new chief minister. The Information and Public Relations Department promptly addressed this falsehood, asserting that the claim holds no semblance of truth.

Adding to the confusion, a second fraudulent news published on the same platform at 10:22 PM suggested that Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu would be leaving the country, leading to a speculation about who would manage the government in his absence. The article cited a Congress spokesperson as the source of this information, who alleged that CM Sukhu was going on leave. The Department categorically stated that this news is unfounded and entirely without merit.

In response to these misleading reports, the official Facebook page of the Himachal Pradesh Information and Public Relations Department released a statement vehemently denouncing these rumors. The government institution confirmed that all such claims are baseless and fabricated, urging the public to rely on official sources and verified information channels for accurate updates about the government and the Chief Minister’s well-being



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