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Congress party files complaint over spreading rumours about CM’s health: Seeks police action

Shimla, Sept 1

In a recent development, the State Unit of the Congress party has filed an official complaint with SP Shimla, demanding action against individuals involved in spreading baseless rumours about the health of Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu.

The complaint, submitted by State Congress Committee Secretary Baldev Thakur, calls for swift police intervention against those responsible. Thakur, in his complaint addressed to SP Shimla, alleged that certain mischievous elements have been actively disseminating unfounded rumours about the health of Himachal Pradesh’s Chief Minister on various social media platforms.

The complaint, written in Hindi, emphasizes that these rumours claim Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu is unwell and is planning to travel abroad for medical treatment. It further suggests that during his absence, someone else will temporarily assume the role of Chief Minister.

The Congress party is keen to clarify that the Chief Minister is in excellent health, dedicating more than 16 hours a day to addressing public grievances. They underscore that neither the government nor any health experts have expressed concerns about his well-being, nor have any official health bulletins been issued.

The party is now calling upon the police to thoroughly investigate these mischievous elements and take stringent action against them. Their primary objective is to expose any potential conspiracy against the Chief Minister of the state.

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Confirming the receipt of the complaint, Sanjeev Gandhi, the Police Chief of Shimla district, has assured that the police will carry out a thorough investigation into the matter.

It is worth noting that a recent social media post containing several unfounded claims was also denounced and refuted by the state government spokesperson.


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