HP Govt takes strict measures to ensure prompt implementation of transfer orders

Shimla, Sept 4

In a significant move aimed at streamlining the process of transferring government officials, the Himachal Pradesh government has issued strict instructions to Controlling Authorities to promptly relieve officers and officials under transfer. The directive, issued by the Deputy Secretary (Personnel) to the Government of Himachal Pradesh, Balbir Singh, comes into effect immediately.

Notably, the Government of Himachal Pradesh had amended the Central Civil Services (Joining Time) Rules, 1979 in May this year. The move was done to expedite the joining of officers and officials at their new place of posting. The amended rules stipulate that the joining time for transfers within 30 kilometers or less should be one day, while transfers beyond 30 kilometers should allow five days for joining.

Despite these changes, the government noted a delay in implementing transfer orders, primarily due to Controlling Authorities not promptly relieving officials under transfer. This delay was found to adversely affect public works and administration, indicated the Deputy Secretary orders.

Therefore, to address this issue, the Himachal Pradesh government has now mandated that Controlling Authorities must relieve officers and officials within two working days in cases where no charge or inventory transfer is required. For positions necessitating charge or inventory transfer, the stipulated timeframe is extended to five working days. Failure to comply with these directives could result in disciplinary action in accordance with existing rules, they noted.

This move by the Himachal Pradesh government is expected to expedite the transfer process for government officials and improve overall administrative efficiency.


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