Shimla, Jan 2

The Post-monsoon seasonal rainfall was deficient by 23 percent to normal in Himachal Pradesh. The period recorded was October to December.
A Shimla Met Office spokesperson said in a seasonal weather release here today said that the State received around 63.9mm of rainfall during Post monsoon season of 2022 against its normal 82.9 mm, was 23 p c deficient.
Actual Rainfall in months of October, November and December was 38.2mm, 19.5mm, and 6.4mm respectively.
In October 2022 Himachal state received 38 mm of rainfall against 25 mm long period average which is 52 p c less than LPA. Rainfall during October 2022 was excess in the state with eight districts reporting excess departure.
First spell of snowfall in post monsoon season was reported on October 10, 2022 as five cm snow was recorded at Hansa in Lahaul-Spiti District.
The rainfall during November 2022 was normal in Himachal Pradesh as State received 19.5 mm of rainfall in November 2022 against its normal rainfall of 19.7 mm which near normal.
Lowest rainfall in November during (2004-2022) was in 2016 when state received 0.0 mm of rainfall against 20.3 mm with deficit of 100 p c.
The highest rainfall received in Himachal Pradesh during November month during (2004–2022) was in year 2019 when state received 55.8 mm of rainfall against its normal rainfall of 20.3mm which is excess by 175 pc of LPA followed by 2009 and 2020 when state received 46.0 mm and 42.6 mm of rainfall respectively.
In Month of December 2022 state recorded total 6.4mm rain against the 38.1 mm normal thus it was deficient 86 83 pc.
Out of 12 districts only one district received excess rainfall, six districts received normal rainfall, whereas rainfall in two districts was deficient and three had large deficient.
District Una observed least rainfall ( deficient by 74 pc ) followed by Hamirpur (deficient by 63 p c) , Kinnaur( deficient by 60 p c), Lahaul-Spiti( deficient 55 p c ) , Solan( deficient by 30 pc) and Chamba(deficient by nine pc) while district Sirmaur received highest rainfall (excess by 23%) followed by Bilaspur ( excess by 14 p c), Kullu (excess by 12 p c), Shimla( excess by six per cent), Mandi ( more by four pc ), and Kangra (excess by one pc ).
Met Office said that baring 2019 state recorded highest drought spell of Post Monsoon rainfall since 2004 for Himachal Pradesh . In 2019 state recorded excess post monsoon rain.
Overall last two decades has seen more frequency of negative departures of rainfall.
Highest rainfall in Himachal Pradesh during 2004–2022 periods recorded in 2021 which was 107 pc of LPA followed by year 2004 which was 102 pc of LPA.

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