#MANDI MP #Above law- High Court Lawyer urges state police to lodge FIR against BJP MP  

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Smooth passage was given to sitting Members of Parliament of BJP from Mandi Ram Swaroop Sharma  by the Delhi and state police relaxing the lockdown/Curfew to enter in the state is drawing strong criticism as action has been sought against the BJP MP.

The hill people who abide law and believe in peace and communal harmony condemned the entry of BJP MP from Delhi to Mandi yesterday. A lawyer of Himachal Pradesh High Court Vinay Sharma has shooted a letter to Director General of  Police S R Mardi, copy of which is also issued to media seeking FIR against the MP for violation of various laws during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Complaint is practicing lawyer at Himachal Pradesh High court and Former Deputy Advocate General belonged to Kangra district of the state.

He said that few days back the sitting MP (of Mandi) Ram Swroop entered into territory of Himachal Pradesh without informing the local authorities along with three other persons and reached at Mandi from Delhi. ” Even when there is a complete lock down due to COVID-19. Sharma also annexed a copy of permission sought by MP from local authorities of Delhi seeking permission to leave Delhi during the shut down” mentioned the letter” .

Advocate said that Prime Minister has made country wide request to all the residents to stay where they are and as per the Guidelines issued by the Union Ministry as well as state Government of HP no one is allowed to enter the territory of state and if anyone comes in then he or she is required to be quarantine for a 28 days at the State Entry points.

” If some one enters into the territory of the state without permission FIRs are being registered against the violators.” he said adding that state police has taken action against many by registration of FIRs under various sections. MP has violated the law and FIR may be registered against him by the setting example that no one is above low , added the advocate.

Even Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee President Kuldeep Singh Rathore has also condemned the alleged breaching of lock down norms by the BJP MP seeking action against him.

Without denying the allegation Ram Swroop said in a video message issued on the allegations said that he is not like Congress leaders to hide in their houses in the tough times. He explained that he came with due permission, copy of which he also released to media.

He added that he returned to Mandi after completion of Lok Sabha Session on Mar 23 and stayed at Delhi till April 10. He said that he returned to Jogindernagar after his complete health check up and arrived at 0800 hours . He claimed that he has completed six days of self quarantine in the his office at Jogindernagar and would meet his family only after eight days i.e after completing 14 days.

Spokesman and Superintendent of state Police Khushal Sharma said that issue had come to their notice through media and is being probed. By the time of filing this report no action had been reported against the MP.


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