‘Margdarshaks’ from whom no ‘Margdarshan’ is required – complains a senior HP BJP leader

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The equitable working structure inside, which gave the BJP an edge over its main opponent Congress is gradually kicking the bucket here as well, feel senior BJP pioneers of Himachal Pradesh. On state of secrecy a senior state BJP pioneer stated, that the ‘democratic’ style of functioning in the past has gradually swung to turn into ‘totalitarian’ now, with parse for just a couple of individuals to run the affairs. “This new working structure of BJP is as similar to the ‘Congress’ mindset, which we fought against all these years,” he added.

Talking about the state he said that, currently leaving aside Shanta Kumar (to en extent), none other senior state BJP pioneers of Himachal Pradesh are being seen being given significance amid these ongoing Lok sabha polls. The senior state BJP leaders were the pioneers for the rightist unit in the hill state. Amid emergency some of them invested a very long time in jails to become catalysts of change for the saffron party. In mid eighties when the party began framing roots here, these pioneers were in charge of it. “Yet in 2019, when an arch fight is being battled among Congress and BJP, the accomplished ones are being kept aside,” he regretted. “Naming us to be ‘margdarshaks’ from whom no ‘Margdarshan’ is required by the gathering,” he rued.

Look at the Mandi fight, he stated, is by and large being intently related between sitting CM Jairam Thakur versus senior legislator and previous telecom minister SukhRam. Going by stats senior BJP leader Maheswar Singh the earstwhile from Kullu has remained Member of Parliament twice (1989 and 1998). Since 1984 to 2014 he is the only to have won with a record 62% vote share (Highest vote share to be achieved by a BJP candidate) and would hold high impact here. “Yet the former Member of Parliament Singh, who could have been a significant part for guaranteeing triumph in Mandi parliamentary fight is figuring no place,” he added. Even many others like former speaker and Education minister  Dr Radha Raman Shastri, senior leader Khimmi Ram, Roop Singh Thakur and many such, are today no place near contributing their bit for the party’s triumph in the state, expressed the senior party pioneer.

In spite of the fact that what’s going on in the state is just an impression of the National methodology being connected by the saffron. He added that by one way or another in BJP the ascent of Prime Minister Narinder Modi and party head Amit Shah has seen a moderate passing, of the vote based structure here. He said that the progressions began getting noticeable after 2014 victory. Wherein right off the bat an age barrier of 75 years to contest elections was fixed by the BJP. Besides stalwart like Lal Krishan Advani and Muli Manohar Joshi, were moved from mainstream legislative issues to “margdarshak’ jobs. Despite the fact that regard of words was shown for them in broad daylight by the current BJP pioneers, yet these leaders remained to sit back at home. As never was any case noted wherein the BJP requested ‘Margdarshan’ from these accomplished legislators, he summoned.

There are unverified reports that Maheswar Singh along with two other senior BJP leaders might join Congress shortly. If this happens then it should be assumed that perhaps the claims of the senior BJP leaders have reached their boiling point.


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