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OPS: The Pension matrix to fixed at 50 pc of notional pay to retires and 30 pc to family pensioners
Shimla Jan 18
The Himachal Pradesh Finance Department will notify OPS and its SOPs soon, wherein the pensioners are likely to get the benefit of 50 pc of Notional Pay and 30 pc for the family pensioners. According to a source, the FD is calculating a matrix of pension and Family pension based on the revised pay scale between 2005 to 2015 revised scale which was enhanced twice.
Three different matrix were also adopted for releasing arrears of employees on implementation of sixth pay commission recommendations to calculate pending arears. But FD would calculate pension on the Notional pay to compile a new matrix of OPS. t
It’s worthwhile to mention that if Class-1 Employees have a notional pay scale of Rs 129700, he will get Rs 64850 as Pension and Rs 38916 as family pension. If NP of Employees is fixed at Rs 133600, he will get Rs 66800 pension and 40080 as FP. Similarly, Employees with NP of Rs 137600 get Rs 68800 and 41280, with NP of Rs 141700 and Rs 146000 get Rs 70850 and 73000 as pension and Rs 43800 FP.
According to sources same Matrix is likely to apply to the OPS fixation of the matrix to classes II, III & IV. Pensioners are to get the benefit of the basic pay scale of 1985-1995, 1996-2005, and 2006 -2015 and retire between pay range of Rs 50070 to 56370 to get fixation of old Pension on the notional pay which was From Rs 1.29 lakh to 1.46 lakh for class one Employees.
Chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu’s government has approved the old Pension Scheme replacing the contributory new pension system with effect to January 13. Now finance department is preparing the matrix of OPS before the government issues a notification.


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