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October 29, 2020/Sushil Kumar
Just as the count down has begun for re-opening of schools for regular classes from 2nd November, as many as 22 teachers of three schools at Sarkaghat, Killing, Thunag  in Mandi district have tested positive. To add to this, even the Education Minister Govind Singh Thakur and one of his staff members have also tested positive on Thursday. Education Minister has informed about the report through a social media post. He has quarantined himself at his residence. He has requested other people who have come in his contact recently to get tested and isolate them.
The Education Minister, who has access to the sophisticated and even the best health monitoring services could not be saved from getting infected. What magic shield would safeguard thousands of young children attending schools is a matter of serious concern. Also, evidently it shows up that even though the government wants to start regular school classes but it is simultaneously also shying away from taking responsibility for any potential infection spread. Could perhaps be the only reason why a NOC is being sought from parents to send their wards to schools?
The World Health Organization has been repeatedly stating that the Virus-nCoV will be hitting the peak as the next phase of spike in winters , being the favorable period for COVID-19 to spread. Yet without citing any research, study or survey supporting the move, the state government has decided to resume regular classes in Schools (Only 9th to 12th) and colleges of the state.
Besides, this directive has put most parents of children between 9th to 12th standard and even college going in a dilemma. As because of the government dictate, now they will have to send their wards for classes, but still have no clue about the safety arrangements being made by the State to keep the child from infection.
“Moreover in the current situation, where the hill state is struggling with deficient health service availability, a move like starting classes in schools could spell doom, feel some citizens. Besides, the government also needs to learn from its current situation, which barely seems under control.
Perhaps the time is to improvise other ways,  and revise the strategy which can become a win-win situation for all i.e. government and citizens, as any wrong move of the state at this juncture will cost so much which will not be recoverable or unable to ameliorate.


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