Three day of road block leaves kinnaur district isolated from the world 
Shimla, Oct 30
Three day of road block leaves kinnaur district isolated from the world. According to the district Administration, the Old Hindustan Tibet National Highway No- 505 has been disrupted for vehicular traffic near Nathpa Dam of  the 1500MW NJPC project, due to rolling stones and boulders on the roads, thus cutting off tribal Kinnaur.
Restoration work is being done with the help of heavy machinary but district administration Kinnaur did not announce the opening of the highway so far. According to Deputy Commissioner Ms Tarul S Raveesh NH-505, connecting the Hindustan-Tibet border, has been closed since last  three days, i.e Friday.
Reportedly, thousands of boxes of apple are stuck in trucks parked on the roadside, in Tapri Market and in the warehouses of growers. The  Apples packed in trucks are in danger of rotting. For three days, supplies of daily consumption food items, milk, curd, bread, butter and vegetables etc. could not reach Kinnaur district. Due to lack of fuel supply, there is now a shortage of petrol and diesel also.
The DC said that road was disrupted as a huge part of hill upto  200 meter stretch caved in. Adding that, restoration work is getting hampered as big boulders and shooting  stones are rolling down from the hill time and again. She said that restoration work was halted on Sunday as after  clearing rubbles from 50 meters of both sides a huge rock came down on the road again blocked around 150 meters of the highway.
The NH wing of the Public Works Department is engaged in road restoration on a war footing. The highway is closed since  massive landslide of the Friday night
Reports suggest that debris of the landslide from the hill, is falling on the dam of SJVN’s Nathpa Jhakri project.
Pertinent to mention here, that it has been almost a month since the withdrawal of South West Monsoon from the state, but normal life remains paralysised in far-flung areas and a few districts of Himachal Pradesh.



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