• Neither Leh, nor Thimpu way , Lahaul needs its own way! Else, a few years down the line the Lahaul valley residents for whom the tunnel is a boon as it shall integrate them to the market and the mainland throughout the year shall become a bane with irreversible changes in their ecology, environment and behavior, writes Tikender Panwar, former deputy Mayor of Shimla. Read Story by pressing link
  • More than 50%  of the DCs were transferred over night. In the HimachalScape diary this time Senior Journalist Sushil Kumar writes about the ‘Cause and affect of officers reshuffle amid PRI poll process’. Read the edit on page 3. Press link
  • Jaago Grahak Jaago! There is big gap in the vegetable /fruit rates issued by city administration vs actually sold. Ritanjali Hastir digs into the issue. Read and share article on page 3
  • Is Shanta Kumar- Tasting his own medicine? Read the political story by Vikram Chaudhary on page 4
  • Durga Visarjan a miss for First time in 60 years. Did you knew this? Ritanjali Hastir writes about it on page 2. Read by pressing link
  • Jab Tak Dawai Nahi, Tab Tak Dhilai Nahi reminds Senior journalist Ajay Bhardwaj on page 4. Read and share


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