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Shimla, Oct 25

Ridiculing the justification of private schools that they are facing economic difficulty in running school expenses, Parents students forum has stated that the schools should charge only tuition fee for 2020. The forum added that to accomplish the child’s online education needs patents have been forced to spend around Rs.25000 extra this year and to add to the burden schools are charging full fee from the parents.

Student Parents Forum warns government against the decision of charging full fees by the private schools. The forum has said that if the parents are forced to pay anything extra other than tuition fee on the basis of 2019 pattern, they will agitate on the street.

President of the forum Vijendra Mehra, co-conveyor Bindu Joshi members Phalma Chauhan, Vivek Kashyap, Shailendra Mehta, Rajendra Sharma, Jai Singh and Rakesh Rocky have said that the state government’s love for private schools is beyond comprehension. Not a single physical class of children has been conducted in the last eight months since March. In private schools, electricity, water and anything else has not been consumed at all. Most schools have reduced their staff. No school properties have been used by the students. Then what do private schools want to recover full money for?

Forum completely rejected the argument of private schools that they are having difficulty in running their expenses. Due to lockdown, they are not getting any electricity, water and garbage bills. They are not spending anything except the salaries of teachers and employees. The tuition fees which most of the schools have to collect contribute to more than about eighty percent of the total fees.

Vijendra Mehra has said that the state government is associating with private schools as most of the schools belong to its favorite and political affiliates. He has demanded from the state government that during the Corona period, parents had to buy two new mobiles to ensure the online classes of their two children, which put an additional burden of about fifteen to twenty thousand rupees on them. Apart from this, parents have to spend an additional cost of about five hundred rupees every month for using the net of these two mobiles.

In this way, where there is an additional burden of about twenty-five thousand rupees on the parents throughout the year, due to the absence of classes in the school, all the expenses of the teachers and employees, apart from their salaries, have become almost zero. In such a situation, private schools should not be allowed to collect fees and charges other than tuition fees. Instead of allowing private schools to collect the full fees, the government should help parents for additional expenses on mobile and net.

He has said that it is very ridiculous that in winter schools, final examinations are scheduled after two weeks in zero session of the year without any physical class and by the end of November the session of schools will be closed. He alleged that government and private schools are united in this and therefore are not considering the situation of parents.


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