103 Dengue cases surface in Sirmaur district

Shimla/Nahan, Sept 12

In a concerning development, Sirmaur district has seen a surge in the number of Dengue cases, raising alarms about the spread of waterborne diseases across the state. As of now, 103 cases of Dengue have been officially registered in the district.

LR Verma, Additional District Magistrate (ADM) of Nahan, confirmed this trend and highlighted that a significant portion of these cases has been reported from the Paonta area, with instances also cropping up in Nahan city.

In response, the District Task Force Committee convened a crucial meeting in Nahan, chaired by ADM LR Verma. During the meeting, the Health Department was tasked with taking immediate measures to prevent the further spread of Dengue.

ADM Verma emphasized the importance of educating the public, particularly children, about Dengue prevention. He suggested incorporating Dengue prevention information into Morning Prayer meetings in schools and leveraging the Panchayat system to raise awareness in rural areas.

Furthermore, ADM Verma issued directives to ensure that all district hospitals are well-prepared to handle Dengue cases. While many Dengue patients may not require hospitalization, preparations should be in place to accommodate an unexpected surge in cases.

To combat the spread of Dengue, the Additional District Magistrate urged for twice-daily fogging in urban areas and proper drainage management to prevent Dengue breeding grounds in stagnant water. He emphasized the need for collaborative efforts between the Health Department, Panchayati Raj, and the Education Department to disseminate Dengue awareness information effectively.

ADM Verma also highlighted the importance of fogging in the Kala Amb industrial area, a crucial step in curbing the disease’s spread. Dr. Vinod Sangal, the District Program Officer of Health, provided detailed insights into the Health Department’s ongoing efforts to combat Dengue.

The district administration, health authorities, and the public must work hand in hand to mitigate the Dengue outbreak and ensure the safety of the community. Vigilance, public awareness, and swift action are critical in controlling and preventing further cases.


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