Alarm bell! Public spat over Central university in ruling BJP at HP

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Shimla, Nov 18, 2020

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur and Minister of State (Finance) Anurag Thakur’s recent public spat over Central University at Dadasiba in Hamirpur district indicates an alarm bell over the increasing in fight among the ruling party members. The duo of the so-called double engine are on the verge of colliding head-on. The virulent attack made by Union Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur on the Jai Ram Government has created ripples in the serene political milieu of the hill state, which is known in the country for its calm and composed nature.

The spate seems to be an open rebellion to discourage the popularly elected government by making public attacks over its way of functioning. Though knowingly to do so could not invite public allure but to score political points.

The video and written text of Anurag Thakur speech is making rounds in the social media where he referred to his wishful thinking to set up Central University Campus which is being executed at a slow pace by the Jai Ram Thakur Government like the previous Cong & BJP rules. Anurag dominated the spat adding that he is working relentlessly on the project. He stressed that he did not leave any stone unturned to set up Central University’s main campus at Dehra in the Kangra district. Adding, that on his demand Rs 500 Crore were provided for the project besides the environmental clearance issued by the center, is also his efforts.

The people of the state are well acquainted with the issue of Central University. For more than 11 years the university is awaiting a permanent campus. During its inception in 2009, it was Prem Kumar Dhumal in power and wanted campus at Dehra. However, in 2012 the next Congress government conceptualized the campus largely in Dharamshala. Now as per insider information Anurag Thakur wants to build up the main complex at Dehra however there is a lobby in the ruling BJP and Congress which wants the Central University Himachal Pradesh at Dharmshala.

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur who is soft-spoken has countered the MoS by rebutting the way the issue was figured in a public meeting of Dadasibha. He said that issue was lingering over the controversy of setting up its main campus either at Dharmshala or at Dehra.  CM while replying to the spat said that Thakur could not entirely put the blame of delay on the current State government. He said that the Central Government, previous Congress Govt and former BJP ruled led by Prem Kumar Dhumal Government also considered this issue. Evidently, he meant; thus are also responsible for the delay.

CM said that he himself also took up the issue of CU-HP with the UMoFECC Prakash Jawadaikar about the forest clearances Adding that the issue of transfer of land at Dehra is with the state Revenue department which has been directed to complete the transfer.” The State government is very serious about the project,” he concluded.

However, the tone expressed by the Chief Minister hints that he does not want the issue to catch the highlight. Thakur who had made a controversial remark in the Delhi Assembly election seems to be too vitriolic again making remarks over the functioning of the party’s other engine.

Yet, the opposition Congress which is likely to cordon the Jai Ram Government during the upcoming winter session secured another solid point about the public bickering within the BJP. This shall also now become another strong weapon to attack the latter during the winter session in December.

Moreover, MoS assault on the Jai Ram Thakur indicates that the ruling party at center or state could not settle the unrest within the organization as the leaders are too vocal and are causing more harm compared to the opposition. Besides, in the era of social media, neither the BJP at the center nor the state Government could hide this spat by merely doing damage control. Earlier too BJP MLA Ramesh Dhawala, Narendra Bragta, and Vidhan Sabha Deputy Speaker Hansraj had shown public resentment over own party and Government.

The present exchange between the head of state Government and the MoS is an alarm bell about the growing unrest within the Party.

Party sources suggest that the young leaders which are yet to come out of political cocoons should exercise the words with much restraint as people of the state are too sensitive to any slip of the tongue which may cost dear in times to come.


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