Shimla, Sept 22
All India Congress Committee spokesperson Alka Lamba has asked the Central government to convene a special session of Parliament to confirm ST status for the Hatee community. They should pass a law before the election code of conduct is implemented in Himachal, she stated.  In a press conference in Renuka ji, today Lamba said that the Congress welcomes the decision of the Union Cabinet regarding giving ST status to the Hatee community, but the way this decision has been taken at the brink of elections, it can be suspected to be a ‘jumla’.
She said that there is a flaw in BJP’s intention, over this issue. Jai Ram government is in Himachal since five years and in Delhi also there is Modi government since eight years.  If the BJP was genuinely wanting to give community the status’ Hatee’, then what took so long, as they could have taken this decision, earlier, she added.  The Modi government should have got it passed in the recently held monsoon session.  But the BJP has a flaw in its intention, so it has taken this incomplete decision in the cabinet at the time of elections.
Lamba said that Congress’s Virbhadra Singh government had also sent a proposal in this regard to the Center but it could not be implemented due to lack of absolute majority of Congress in UPA.  The concerns of the Scheduled Caste people should also be addressed, she added.  She said that it would have been better if the Central Government had taken a decision on the demand of ST status of the people of Bada Bhangal of Kangra, Malana of Kullu, Dodra Kwar and Chaupal of Shimla district.  But the Modi government did not do this, she remarked.


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