Shimla, Jul 26

State unit of CPI(M) condemned chief minister Jai Ram Thakur Government for appointing three chairpersons and Vidhan Sabha Chief Whip and Deputy Chief Whip stating that it would ruin the state’s bleeding economic situation, further.
Addressing media person CPI(M) former state secretary and member of Assembly from Theog Vidhan Sabha Rakesh Singha said that inwake of upcoming assembly by- elections, subdivision and Administerative subdivision are being announced and party leaders were being handed over plum posts.
State which is not able to provide pensions to the Government employees and their dependents, is in a fix while recruiting employees even on outsource or contract basis, does not seemed to be bothered and is continually elevating party workers and leader to plum posts.
Singha said that appointment of two BJP MLAs as Chief Whip and Deputy Chief Whip and elevations of three party leaders as Chairperson and Vice Chairperson indicate that BJP is hardly bothered about the government’s unhealthy economic situation. ” However when the squestions of filling vaccant posts and providing pension benefits to employees after the retirement comes forth, the govt laments the worsen Ecnomic situation,”blamed the leftist MLA.
“Just before by-election in Kotkhai, Fathepur, Arki Assembly and Mandi Parliamentry, Jai Ram Thakur started series of announcement like opening subdivision, Block and Tehsil despite its failure to fill vaccant posts of teachers, doctors and other staff.” Singha said.
BJP affiliated employees were enjoying the benefits of goverment posts and are least bothered about serving people , Singha pointed that an IAS officer was transferred when he suspended a BJP blue eyed official recently posted at Kinnaur but refusing to join duty there .
Singha said that blue eyed officials were drawing salary from the tribal posts but enjoying Govt privilege to serve at Capital town despite being cautioned by the secretary Ayurveda. Onkar Sharma had to face the wrath of Jai Ram Thakur Government when blue eyed official was suspended for not obeying the Administeration order, Singha said.
There is dearth of employees in tribal areas and Govt is promoting new culture of posting employees outside the tribal areas drawing salary from there.
People of tribal areas are being deprived of the services due to lack of govt priority to fill vaccant posts. Many employees and officers did not want to serve in the hard areas are being pampered by Jai Ram Thakur Government like this.  
He added that Regional Manager Devsen Negi of HRTC was transferred to Nerwa unit from Shimla by the State Government recently as he offended private bus operators to protect the interests of HRTC forcing transport staff to go on immediate strike for two days.
The Government which have got the mandate to serve public and provide best services to people especially in tribal areas is indulged in petty politics to please it’s affiliated party men most of them unelected.
CPI(M) and Opposition would question the state government in upcoming assembly monsoon session by raising these burning issues as people are feeling betrayed by the state government.
The  people of state have already suffered due to Covid pandemic moreover continued steep increase in the  prices of fuel and edible oils has completely ruined them.
Instead of serving or providing help to distressed commoners, State Government is trying to promote interest of private parties or companies by maximising their profits be it privatisation of Water or Transport, concluded the MLA.


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