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Shimla, Nov 29
Given a month-long period between Voting and Counting, the Election machinery and administration(s) are going through a virtual hibernation period. This claim is authenticated by the fact that the larger-than-life hoardings/publicity material installed by political parties and candidates during poll campaigning days are visible in public spaces or landscapes across many cities/towns/villages of the state, even to date. Moreover, given this fact, the election commission has issued a warning stating that hoardings must go after polling date is over.
A recent report from Nahan indicates that even after passing 20 days since polling, huge hoardings of BJP-Congress candidates and party flags can be seen on the roadside. As per the guidelines of the Election Commission, the district administration(s) has been given orders to remove the campaigning publicity in the stipulated time frame. Since, there is a high chance that the competing candidates would not remove such hoarding and other publicity material; therefore, taking direct action after the due date, the district administration would get them removed and charge the same to the candidate(s). That is, all expenses will be added to the candidate’s account.
The state went to poll for the 14th state legislative assembly on November 12, and counting and result are scheduled for December 8.


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