Duo of former IAS avails benefits of TD scheme in violation of rights & eligibility

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Shimla, Feb 12

Violation of norms to avail TD rights has come to light. However this one catches traction as the same is allegedly done by a duo of former senior IAS officers. Clear cut finding have come to light through competent authority of the State government that the duo of former IAS availed the benefit of Timber Distribution Scheme in violation of rights and eligibility.

The probe report was released months back however no action is initiated on the accused till date. These former officers being beneficiaries of permission under rule 118 of state tenancy act to purchase land were given benefit of TD rights in violation of norms, indicates the report.
In a letter addressed by the Chief Conservator of forest to the ACS forest stated that former Additional Chief Secretary level IAS officer Abhay Shukla and Deepak Sanan were sanctioned One (1A ) Deodar in Dec 2004 under the TD Scheme . 
The duo submitted the TD applications which were duly reported by the  Pardhan Gram Panchayat  Moolkoti, Patwari in-charge of the concerned area in the forest of Kufri Charabra. Further Forest Guard and Block Officer checked the geniuses of demand for  TD, silvicultural availability of the tree and reported the matter to the concerned Range Officer. RO further recommended the case to DFO Shimla for sanction of the TD of applicants.
The probe report further mentioned that the duo of top government officers have availed the benefit of permission under rule 118 of HP Tenancy and land reforms Act 1972 during 2001. As per the section -2 of the said Act beneficiaries (non agriculturists in the state)  could not be eligible for the TD rights
The CCF also stated in the letter that concerned Patwari did not mentioned in his report (about the TD) that two had been given permission under section 118  for purchasing of land too. The letter which was released by the probe forest officer on Jun 27, 2020 clearly mentions that the applicants were not right holders and not eligible for the TD Rights. The Agriculturist who are local resident  of state could only avail the benefit of TD Right in the hill state.
The former IAS officers who are the beneficiary of policy meant for the needy people and farmers, were running home stay units after availing the state largesse.

The matter however is pending with the state Government but the report appearing in local vernaculars confirm that the decision makers could not wield out guts to take action against the former senior bureaucrats.
Besides the paradox of the story; that the former duo officers who are retired  now could not pose ‘feign oblivion’ about the rules and laws in such matters. They have remained guardians of these laws at even positions like Secretary incharge forests.
Jai Ram Government which came in the power on the name of zero tolerance for corruption and such lawlessness is expected to take strong call to restore the dignity of the cadre which is being diminished rapidly.  One could not expect adherence of state laws and rules by the common man if action is not taken appropriately by setting a bench mark.   


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