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The electricity bills received by subscribers in the period of lock-down are nothing short of a electric shock. One one side many have not even earned a penny during this period; yet to add up to stress many have received higher electricity bill than expected. Beginning from the first month of lock-down (April onward) numerous ruing citizens are being heard in neighborhood and in circles, stating that electricity bills are too high.

“ Our electricity bill from March 13 to April 13 is Rs 1054/-, whereas we had left Shimla on March 16, so how is it possible that 3 days consumption of electricity be such high, questioned Rishab a university student, living in a rented house near the campus at Summerhill.

Rohit Andhi another subscriber from Jakhoo area stated that he has been living in his second home at Shoghi, since the lock-down began i.e mid March. Yet, our monthly bill for electricity is Rs 4040/-. This bill is way higher than the winter average too, he added. “As my winter bills also ranged between Rs 2000 to Rs 3000/- per month,” he rued.

Our current electricity bill is around Rs 2500/- which seems to be average based on my winter billing,” stated resident of Kaithu and lawyer Vijay Arora. “ I don’t think so that any meter reading had been taken, perhaps that could be the only reason for higher bill even this month, as blowers/heaters have been shut down about a month back,” he explained.

Sources from HPSEB inform that initially due to fear of Coronavirus, billing was done on previous average, so naturally the amount had to be higher. Winters had just gone past, and due to use of heaters like equipment consumption of electricity was recorded higher in those days. “And therefore the bill generated by average in April was also higher,” they added. “However, this month bills are being generated based on meter readings,” they informed.

RK Sharma Managing Director of HPSEB stated that April bills were issued on previous average through automated software due to lock-down issues. In case a consumer has discrepancy, then they should contact their concerned HPSEB office, he informed. “I request such consumers to do the little effort (of visiting concerned HPSEB office), and surely all grievances shall be looked into and if need be corrected,” he assured. Also Instructions have been given to all circles, that bills pertaining till May 31st can be paid in installments, he concluded.


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