July 19, 2020
An Employee of Indian Coffee house was booked for jumping quarantine as state police charged him under section 188, 270 and 506 of IPC registering case against him at Police Station Sadar here today.
Superintendent of Police Shimla Om Pati Jamwal said that Waiter Rajesh Kumar working with Indian Coffee house for the last 20 yrs belonged  to the Rohani area of the National Capital Region. Before the lockdown on Mar 18, 2020 he went on leave.
The employee telephoned the Hotel Manager Atma Ram on Friday that he was joining his today from Jul 18. However Manager asked the employee to remain in home quarantine and not to join immediately.  Ignoring the order of Manager Rajesh Kumar directly turned up in the Kitchen of Coffee house this afternoon.
The complaint alleged that Employee came to Shimla without having any pass and entered in the Kitchen of Coffee house despite that he was given direction to not turn up. Employee ignoring the direction of Manager did not leave the Coffee house kitchen and insisted to give joining.
Police was informed by the Manager which sent him on institutional quarantine at Grand Hotel after booking him for jumping quarantine with criminal intent . Immediately after the this incident administration directed the Coffee house
,management to sanitise the building after closing it for Saturday.
The Police source informed that six employees who tried to intervene on his entry and went close to him in the Kitchen were also sent in isolation asking them to wait for the covid test report of the accused for sake of safety.


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