Shimla, April 3- Naldehra Golf Society Reconstitutes Governing Body to Promote Golf Tourism

Shimla’s Naldehra Golf Society, one of the country’s oldest and most prestigious golf clubs, has announced the reconstitution of its Governing Body and Executive Committee with immediate effect. The decision aims to revamp the society’s functioning, promote golf tourism, and elevate Naldehra’s stature as a destination for golfers worldwide.

The new Governing Body will be led by the Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu as the Chief Patron and the Principal Secretary of Tourism and Culture Affairs as the Chairman. The Executive Committee comprises a mix of ex-officio members from the Deputy Commissioner’s office, the Tourism and Culture Affairs Department, and the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, as well as non-official members.

The Golf Captain would be Anil Walia, while the Golf Secretary Arjun Lal. Among the non-official members include Manav Singh, Gurjot Singh, and Dr. Aman Sachdeva

While talking to HimachalScape, Walia, the newly appointed Captain of the Course, expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister and pledged to work towards improving the infrastructure of the course. He also aims to bring the course to a level where National and international events can be held, which would help to promote golf tourism in the region. He also stated that special training programs would be organized for children to encourage them to take up the sport.

Meanwhile Lal, the Golf Secretary, highlighted that fair and transparent systems and procedures would be put in place to ensure all members are treated with equal respect. Additionally, all efforts will be made to take care of the local golfers and caddies.

The Naldehra Golf Course was established by Lord Curzon during the British Raj in 1905 and is now managed and maintained by the Himachal Pradesh government through the Naldehra Golf Society. The society boasts over 1000 members and is renowned for its scenic beauty and challenging layout.

The reconstitution of the Governing Body and Executive Committee is expected to boost the popularity of the Naldehra Golf Course and make it a top destination for golfers both Nationally and Internationally.


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