National & State Agencies searching for Amritpal in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, March 25

After Punjab Police unsuccessful manhunt to trace Amritpal the  founder of Waris Punjab De and Prokhalistan outfit, the State and Central agencies have increased the vigil along porous State and International border areas in Himachal Pradesh. The sources of State agencies are searching hospitality units including hotels, home stay unit, guest houses and religious places as the absconding pro Khalistan outfit activists may trying to flee out of India taking assistance of his sympathiesers.
The Punjab police had announced on Thursday that Amrit pal has give a slip to them and is nolonger in the State may be crossing borders to escape from the arrest.
The state CID, Vigilance, MI and IB officials are searching every hideout in the state where Ultra Sikh leader may follow to escape from the country. Currently, there is no lead as agencies are trying to trace Amritpal at Sikh pilgrimage centres Poantasahib, Barusahib in Sirmour district.
Many hospitality units of Shimla, Manali, Chamba and Dharmshala are under scanner of the Agencies to holeout, Amritpal.
Police also keeping keen observation on the State Hydropower projecta and similar other installations as large numbers of sympathiesers of Amrit pal could harbour his escape from the state. Punjab police are also searching the Prokhalistsni ultra in Haryana and other states.


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