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NDRF becomes beacon of hope as 25 people including 12 yr old rescued in Jwalamukhi of Kangra in HP

Shimla, Aug 14

In a daring display of valor, the 14th Corps of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has successfully rescued 25 people, including a 12-year-old child, who were stranded in the middle of the Beas river due to a sudden rise in water levels caused by relentless monsoon rains in Kangra. The rescue operation, to evacuate 70-80 citizens led by RD/GD, is underway in the village of Adhwani, Tehsil-Jwalamukhi, District-Kangra informed a spokesperson. These people got struck at a stone crusher which was near the river as the water levels rose.

With the monsoon resurgence gripping Himachal Pradesh, the region has witnessed a surge in incidents like landslides, building collapses, and cloudbursts. These catastrophic events have prompted the 14th Corps NDRF teams to conduct round-the-clock relief and rescue efforts across various parts of the state.
Despite the challenges posed by disrupted roads and communication networks, the NDRF rescuers are unyielding in their determination to save lives. The courageous teams are venturing into perilous situations, demonstrating their remarkable skill and dedication to ensure the safe extraction of trapped individuals from accident sites.

The relentless efforts of the 14th Corps NDRF have not gone unnoticed. Both the civil administration and the local populace in Himachal Pradesh have extended their heartfelt appreciation for the remarkable work carried out by these brave rescuers. As the monsoon season continues to test the state’s resilience, the unwavering commitment of the NDRF remains a beacon of hope for those affected by the monsoon’s fury.


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