Landslide hits Kalka Shimla heritage UNESCO rail line

Shimla, Aug 14

A  disruption has occurred on the Kalka-Shimla UNESCO heritage line, with train services being severely impacted due to a landslide. This incident took place between the Jutogh and Summerhill Railway stations, where the narrow gauge railway track has been adversely affected by heavy rainfall, resulting in a complete washout of land below the track.

Sanjay Gandhi, the Superintendent of Police in Shimla, reported that the specific section of the Kalka-Shimla railway track, located at the 92/6-92/7 km mark between Jutogh and Summerhill railway stations, has been rendered impassable due to the landslide. The continuous downpour has caused the ground below the track to be completely washed away, making it unsafe for train operations.

As a consequence of this landslide-induced damage, the movement of trains between Kandaghat and Shimla has been canceled temporarily. The safety of passengers and the integrity of the railway infrastructure are of paramount importance, leading to the suspension of train services in the affected region.

In response to the incident, Suresh Kashyap, the Member of Parliament from Shimla, visited the site to assess the extent of the damage. Kashyap described the situation as precarious, mentioning that the railway track appeared to be hanging in the air before being washed away by the force of the gushing water caused by heavy rains. This illustrates the severity of the conditions that led to the disruption and highlights the challenges faced by the local authorities and railway personnel in restoring normal operations.

It is worth noting that this unfortunate event marks the second disruption on the Kalka-Shimla UNESCO heritage line in recent times. Just last month, between July 9 and 10, a closure was enforced near Kummarhati due to another unforeseen circumstance.


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