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Shimla, Nov 19, 2020
Living-up to the reputation of being termed as one of the best force in the country, the Himachal Pradesh police is providing quick response to the passport verification processes after the service was brought under public service Guarantee Act 2011. In 2020 the Average time taken by the state police to verify a passport application has come down to 3 days.
In a press statement issued here today inspector General of State Police Dinesh Kumar
Yadav said that PSGA was enacted by the state in 2011 and state police is also providing
delivery of services to the people within the stipulated time limit. Since 2012 the Police department is completing police verification  to passport applications with in the time frame of 15 days. Yadav said that the process improved the functioning of state significantly as the Regional Passport Officer Ravi Chhawal, has also acknowledged and appreciated improvement in average time taken for passport related verifications in the last 5 months.
He said that in the year 2018, HP Police provided 61,053 verifications to the Regional Passport Office, Shimla while in the year 2019, HP Police was able to provide 57,999 such verifications. During the current year more than 20,000 verifications so far have been sent to the Regional Passport Office, Shimla.
In 2018 and 2019 the average time taken to conduct these verifications was around 12 days. However, since June 1, 2020 a drive was launched by the HP Police to expedite such passport related verifications under which all district SPs were directed to ensure that no police verification remains pending for more than 07 days. As a result of this drive, average time taken in the passport verifications, which was 12 days in 2018 and 2019 has now come down to only 3 days, he added.
State Police is always committed to provide efficient and effective services to the people. As such now SPs have been directed to ensure that by the end of the month of Dec. 2020 no
passport verification should remain pending for more than 24 hours.


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