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Shimla, Jul 6
The recent ‘Moral lecture’ by the I&PH minister Mahinder Singh seems to be weighing down the political image of the state government, and therefore it now seems to have gone into a defencive mode. Strong protests by the teachers unions and opposition and its ramifications in upcoming by elections of the state, have perhaps, put the government on a silent note.
In politics and government each and every remarks or word matter, especially when it comes from the public functionaries on the such high posts. If a large section of Government employees would be hurt like this the image of government would be further dented as people of state might not like such indiscipline by a politician making open ended remarks.
Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur did not defend his cabinet colleague, till date besides the party seems to have gone on a silent mode after it evoked strong protest from various quarters ahead of elections in one Parliamentary and two assembly seat.
The ruling party does not want to press this issue any longer thus to stop its ramifications in the by elections. CPI(M) state secretariat member Dr Kuldeep Singh Tanwar responded to minister’s new statement stating that why Mohinder Singh Thakur is being so Cynic, sarcastic and nagging these days, is beyond comprehension.
Tanwar’s Facebook post was liked and commented by number of people. One of the comment posted in response to this post by Ashwani Kumar Thakur stated that its is owing to megalomaniac attitude of minister. One of the liker of this post Manmohan Singh states that actually he is psychopath suffering from schizophrenia need a psychiatrist.
S R Rana writes that many factors like exponential growth in stature and wealth, rise from Sepoy to contractor and then powerful minister have contributed to be narcissistic and megalomaniac personality.
Some other posts stated that it is because his political end is imminent.
A Political expert said that in the political circles the performance of minister is also rated very low during last two months which perhaps forced him to rate IPH employees versus other Government employees. The expert added that even the party or Government did not want to be with Thakur and it becomes evident as they did not respond or defended his statements so far.
The clipping of ministers’ statement going viral on social media indicates that it would have left a deep impact on the society at large as social media is the same tool on which BJP itself rode to power in the last Assembly and Parliamentary elections.


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