Shimla, Nov 6
Former Chief Minister and BJP stalwart Shanta Kumar snubbed his party leaders again for joining the preaching of a convict of rape and murder, Ram Rahim. In a social media post by Shanta Kumar, the senior leader did not spare his party Ministers and politician for visiting the so-called Spiritual Guru who is frequently being released on parole from jail for, perhaps, the purpose of ensuring a vote bank.
Shanta said he never expected such a decline and low stooping of poltical leaders for electoral gains. Former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister and former Union Minister Shanta Kumar said that even in the 21st century, superstition and hunger for power are taking the people and leaders of this country into so much darkness. Taking Twitter to express his anguish, he said,”  Ram Rahim, convict of rape and murder, sentenced to 20 years, has come on parole and is preaching and blessing by miracle. If this miracle was true, why couldn’t they hide their guilt from it? Caught raping and murdering. Where was his gift when he was sentenced to 20 years?”
He said that even in this age of science, some people are getting fooled by superstition. Unfortunately, these include the leaders of the people and even the ministers. In what darkness is the hunger for power and votes taking the leaders? “I pray to God to give wisdom to all of them,” added Shanta. He said that it is a great misfortune that repeatedly parole is being granted to a criminal serving 20 years of imprisonment for rape and murder. The leaders are providing this facility to him only for power and votes. He said that the law of the country should be changed. Such criminals should not be allowed to decorate their courts and preach on parole like this. Hundreds of more such criminals are in jails, and they do not get such facilities of parole because politicians do not need them.
There are many followers of such Deras; among prominent are Radha Swami, Nirankari mission, Sacha Sauda and Satlok Ashram etc.
There are 17 reserve Assembly Constituencies in Himachal Pradesh where most of the followers from such deras have a significant presence. During the Himachal Pradesh elections, Transport Minister of Himachal also sought the blessings of Ram Rahim. Minister Bikram Thakur is now BJP candidate and, sitting MLA from Jaswa-Paragpur. He is shown in an online Satsang giving public audience with Ram Rahim.  He appeared at the gathering stating that he was a local MLA and minister and came to seek blessings.
  ” The way you are doing virtuous work in Punjab and Haryana, nothing could be bigger than that.  May the people of Himachal have your darshan and keep hearing your thoughts, stated Bikram Singh while addressing convict Ram Rahim.
On this Ram Rahim also replied that I have gone to every corner of Himachal.  So far 135 Satsangs have been held.  Kujanwal was a place no one used to go there, I went there too.  The people of Himachal Pradesh are very dear, Ram Rahim added.
Known to all that, Ram Rahim is serving imprisonment in Rohtak’s Sunaria Jail for the sexual abuse and killing of journalist Chhatrapati and Ranjit incident.
It seems that the minister assisted the government of Haryana, as the state plays a significant in providing parole to a convict. Reportedly an MP from Rajasthan and former Union Minister of State had also bowed down before the self-proclaimed Godman Ram Rahim.


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